***SPAM*** [Compensation Program] From the desk of Mr Walter.


29/12/2023 10:32:08 p.m.

The United Nations/ECOWAS have instructed that we contact you via your email address, and inform you that your outstanding fund worth (2,900.000.00 USD) will now be sent to you via PayPal . I would like to explain to you the reason why you are getting compensated. The United Nation in conjunction with ECOWAS have come together to set up a compensation program to help all scam victims and those who have international businesses that fail to pull through due to government interference.

I am glad to inform you that you have been selected as one of the lucky beneficiaries to receive the sum of $2.9 million as a compensation for any form of scam you might have lost your money to in the past. You will be receiving a daily payment of $20,000.00 United States Dollars starting from today. Please Note that PayPal has been chosen as a payment method because it is fast, easy and reliable, and you don’t have to experience any kind of delays that comes with fund delivery.

You are here by expecting to respond to this email with the following information listed below….

1: PayPal email address
2: PayPal Name
3: A direct Phone Number we can call once the PayPal transfer is completed.

We are waiting to read from you as soon as possible.

Walter Hart.
Senior Accountant

We appreciate your attention to this matter.

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